#FizzYourWay from drab to dreamy skin

HERO’s newest wonder kid, ResurfizzTM, has been taking the peel world by storm, revolutionising the way we see peels. Not only is Resurfizz pretty much suitable for everyone, and their aunt Sally too, it has a million and one different uses which will give everyone a reason to fall head over heels in love. It’s...Read More

Getting Fizzy With Resurfizz™

Introducing Resurfizz™, a revolution in at home peels. Our acid-free, natural enzyme peel is ideal for a resurfaced complexion, perfectly smooth skin and a guilt-free way to get your Friday Fizz on. The two-step process combines the elements of self-heating minerals, alongside a carbonated enzyme system to target any lingering dead skin cells, ready to...Read More

Big News!!!

Remember our recent entrance into the world of QVC, when skincare wizard Dan Isaacs dished out the goss on HERO’s finest? Well, after our last sell-out show segment last month, they’ve only gone and given us our very own hour-long programme to showcase the very best of HERO. Tune in on 1st September to catch...Read More

QVC; The Roundup

Did you see it? After the huge success of our QVC debut back in March, who were we to say no to a second spot on the show. And, boy, did the legendary Dan Isaacs (aka our skincare wizard) nail it! Working in conjunction with the ever glamourous Jill Franks, we sold out of Vit...Read More

4 ways Night Drops™ will make your night

Fairytale princesses had it easy. Perfect, flawless skin, a whole host of animal friends and Prince Charming fighting dragons for their hand. But you know what – princesses had problems too. Cinderella’s shoe kept popping off unexpectedly, and Sleeping Beauty kept accidentally falling asleep in meetings. No matter how perfect your life looks from the...Read More

6 Reasons Double Blur Will Blow Your Mind

Double BlurR is our HD ready skin perfector with Dual Diffusion TechnologyTM, specially designed to give you that utterly flawless look, no photoshop necessary. We all have wonderful little imperfections which truly make us, us, however sometimes a little help is all we need to feel confident with or without makeup. Think of Double Blur...Read More