Remember our recent entrance into the world of QVC, when skincare wizard Dan Isaacs dished out the goss on HERO’s finest? Well, after our last sell-out show segment last month, they’ve only gone and given us our very own hour-long programme to showcase the very best of HERO. Tune in on 1st September to catch up with Dan, Jill Franks and all of our HEROes as we show you exactly how to use our products, with some insider knowledge thrown in along the way.


Not only will you be seeing some old QVC favourites, there might even be a few surprise QVC exclusives which we know you will be falling over yourselves to get your hands on…


First up is a collection of our much-loved favs, Hyasoft and Glow Drops, tied together into a HERO Glow Collection. Not only will you get both products for a ridiculous bargain, but you can combine their use to make them work even harder for you. Layer Hyasoft underneath Glow Drops to not only intensely hydrate the lower layers of your skin, but also to reduce surface water loss by creating a Glow Drops barrier. A win win.


Next up we have double the trouble with a Hand Rehab® Duo. We all know that you can never have enough of a good thing, so getting two Hand Rehabs will allow you to slather this on night and day, willy nilly. The SPF 20 broad spectrum hand cream protects your mitts from damaging UV rays while nourishing and soothing with hyaluronic acid and aloe vera. Throw in some diamond dust and Bob’s your uncle, you’ve found your all-time favourite hand cream.


Last but definitely not least, we’ve got a super secret brand new product for you – a QVC exclusive. You will be meeting ResurfizzTM, a two step natural enzyme peel to help you slough off that dead skin and finally achieve that dazzling complexion which you deserve. And guess what – this will be your very first chance to buy it. Trust us, it’s peely good. Get excited.

Alongside the opportunity to buy some serious bargains on the night, you will also be treated to some live experiments on the notorious ingredients which are absolute staples in the HERO range. Think multi-weight hyaluronic acid, neutralising vitamin C and ridiculous amounts of superstar ingredient niacinamide. Not only that, but insider tips will be flying around set, so tune in at 6 pm, 1st September, QVC to join the HERO gang. Be there, or be square.