HERO’s newest wonder kid, ResurfizzTM, has been taking the peel world by storm, revolutionising the way we see peels. Not only is Resurfizz pretty much suitable for everyone, and their aunt Sally too, it has a million and one different uses which will give everyone a reason to fall head over heels in love. It’s Fizz, your way.

As Easy As One, Two, PEEL
Ever find yourself in need of an easy, speedy skin fix; like now? A big event is sprung upon you, you’ve forgotten you agreed to a huge night out, you get a last minute invite to The Oscars. It happens to the best of us, and it leaves us unprepared, stressed out and in need of a serious skin session. In times of need, reach for Resurfizz to fix your skincare woes. Your skin can go from drab and dreary to bright and luminous in a matter of 7 minutes, meaning you have extra precious seconds to perfect that red lip. The dual exfoliation process utilises both physical and enzyme exfoliation to give you that double whammy of skin glow. Instant results, in minimal time.

A Weekly Treatment For World Domination

Ever woken up, looked in the mirror and wondered if it’s actually you looking back at you? Late nights, one too many proseccos and sleeping in your makeup is a recipe for dull, lacklustre, sad skin. For skin in need of some TLC, we recommend a weekly dose of Resurfizz, to slough off dead skin and reveal lovely fresh skin cells beneath, encouraging continued skin rejuvenation. Not only will you look healthier, younger and glowing, but your makeup will thank you for the smooth surface you provide for it to adhere to. And the uber gentle formula makes it easy as pie to get your weekly Resurfizz fix, with no irritation worries.


Getting Your Friyay Fizz On

Ever felt that longing for some bubbles on a Friday night? Resurfizz is here to be the perfect prosecco partner for you and your pals. Resurfizz is not only an extremely effective skincare product; it’s also an experience. Crack this out in front of your friends and prepare for it to suspiciously disappear from your bathroom cabinet. Relax while the luxurious warming sensation melts down all of those nasty impurities, and the plentiful bubbles in Enzyme Fizz produce squeals of delight from around the room. Who needs the salon when you can have professional style results, without getting out of your pyjamas? Lazy girls: rejoice!

Rescuing You From That Skincare Rut

Ever been at your absolute wits end with your skincare routine? When you’ve been spinning in circles trying out every possible active, combination and routine, and your skin is still looking sub-par? Well Resurfizz is here to kick it into action. Get ready for your new holy grail skincare saviour, poised to knock your socks off with its exfoliative power. Reduces the appearance of pigmentation, scarring, uneven skin tone, blemishes. You name it, this baby can do it. The superhero of the skincare world, Resurfizz is here to revolutionise the way you see your skin. Get ready to be wowed.