Introducing Resurfizz™, a revolution in at home peels. Our acid-free, natural enzyme peel is ideal for a resurfaced complexion, perfectly smooth skin and a guilt-free way to get your Friday Fizz on. The two-step process combines the elements of self-heating minerals, alongside a carbonated enzyme system to target any lingering dead skin cells, ready to let the best version of you shine through.


Step 1 – Thermo Melt™

This self-heating cleansing balm is jam packed full of natural, biodegradable bamboo stem powder, which gently exfoliates away impurities from the skin. Zeolite creates an exothermic reaction with water (hello, GCSE Chemistry!), and softly heats on the skin, helping pores to relax and release all the grime hiding inside. In addition, it smells stupidly good. A blend of citrus essential oils adds not only an excellent source of vitamin C but also antioxidant protection to help fight off free radicals. Think of Thermo Melt as the getting-ready bit before the big night out (Enzyme Fizz) but this time there’s no risk of a hangover.


Step 2 – Enzyme Fizz™

When it comes to peels we’ve always shied away from professional acid peels, but what if we told you there was a gentle, natural way to get the acid effect? Pomegranate enzymes are used in Enzyme Fizz to nibble away at the links between skin cells to help them easily slough off and leave you with the gorgeous, glowing skin hidden underneath. Not only that, but the champagne colour gel actually fizzes up on your face, releasing little bubbles to micro-exfoliate away that dead skin.

How do I use it?

  1. Remove that perfect eyeliner flick (we suggest using the faff-free Undo). Lazy girls rejoice – you don’t even have to take off the rest of your face makeup before using Resurfizz.
  2. Crack out Step 1 and squeeze out a Malteser sized blob of Thermo Melt (don’t eat it). Massage this into damp skin to remove any traces of makeup. Relish in the delight of the gentle warming sensation to cleanse any pore impurities and rinse after a minute to leave dazzlingly clean skin.
  3. Now time for the fun bit. Use the spatula provided to dollop one of the peel jars onto your skin, and smooth it out all over. Lay back, relax and churn out a 5-7 minute cat video (or tag us in a selfie, @theheroprojectuk) while you wait for the enzymes to work their magic. Relax as your skin begins to tingle as the oxygen fizzes up on your skin, leaving you resembling Santa Claus. After the allotted time, rinse off the peel using the damp muslin cloth and water and look up to reveal a brand new face.

Tried. Tested. Resurfizzed

We gave 20 women our Resurfizz™ to put its skin transforming powers to the ultimate test. 

The result?

Bright, glorious skin, with reduced fine lines and wrinkles, less noticeable blemishes and possibly the softest skin they’d ever felt. It literally resurfaces the skin after a single use!

  • 100% of people thought that Resurfizz left their skin fresh and rejuvenated
  • 100% of people found that Resurfizz was suitable for their skin type
  • 95% of people felt that Resurfizz removed dead skin cells and resurfaced their skin
  • 95% of people felt that their skin was lifted and firmed after using Resurfizz
  • 95% of people noticed an instant difference in the appearance of their skin after using Resurfizz
  • 95% of people felt impressed by the instant results that Resurfizz delivers
  • 90% of people thought their skin looked younger after using Resurfizz
  • 90% of people noticed an improvement in the appearance of uneven skin tone after using Resurfizz
  • 90% of people noticed a reduction in the appearance of pores after using Resurfizz
  • 90% of people noticed an improvement in the brightness of their skin after using Resurfizz

And there you have it. A two-step process to the kind of glow you used to only be able to achieve in the salon.

Your smoothest skin ever is only a click away. Get your Resurfizz now delivered free in the UK.