Ultimate Hydration HEROES

Dehydrated skin; the bane of the winter months. As we enter February, let’s banish those dry skin blues with our hydration HEROES. We’re ready to whisk you off to Planet Moisturised – where dry skin isn’t allowed.   Hyasoft® Our ultimate hydration hero for real results. Multiple weights of water-grabbing hyaluronic acid latch onto little...Read More

Holiday Skin Preparation

With the official start of summer finally here (apparently), it’s that time of year again for sun, sea and a whole lot of preparation to get yourself looking and feeling as good as possible (insert pedicures, manicures and a new hairstyle here). Whether you’re jetting off for a relaxing beach holiday or heading for a...Read More

How To Use Hyaluronic Acid

Let’s get the scary but important science out of the way first. What actually is hyaluronic acid? Push past your innate desire to run as far away from the word ‘acid’ as possible for fear it will strip, harm or turn your skin into a fireball. Think back to chemistry at school and remember that...Read More