6 Reasons Double Blur Will Blow Your Mind

Double BlurR is our HD ready skin perfector with Dual Diffusion TechnologyTM, specially designed to give you that utterly flawless look, no photoshop necessary. We all have wonderful little imperfections which truly make us, us, however sometimes a little help is all we need to feel confident with or without makeup. Think of Double Blur...Read More

The Low-Down on Stressed Out Skin

For the 21st century women, stress is just a way of life. An annoying email pinging into your inbox at 11pm, a huge traffic jam when you desperately need to get to work, a deadline which you just can’t seem to meet. That rising sense of dread in your stomach and the innate desire to...Read More

Spread your wings with HERO

Ladies and gentlemen, this is your captain speaking. HERO Airlines would like to welcome you to your flight with us today and make you aware of some of the dangers associated with flying. The high altitudes and lack of air moisture can wreak havoc with your skin. Dehydrating air, lurking germs and that screaming baby...Read More

Top Skincare Hacks For Travelling Light

‘Hand luggage only.’ The three little words which strike fear into every skincare obsessive’s  heart. The pallava of trying to fit everything you need to perfect that gorgeous skin of yours into 100 mL bottles is a nightmare we wouldn’t wish upon our worst enemy. But fear not friends, HERO is here to guide you...Read More

Happy Earth Day

  ‘Go shawty, it’s ya Earth day’ is the tune of choice in the office today. HERO is so excited to finally honour our gal mother nature for all her incredible work in bestowing us with the amazing Earth. Everyone is responsible for doing their bit to give back to the Earth. That could be...Read More

An interview with our skincare wizard

Presenting Daniel Isaacs… You can call him Dan.   In light of THE HERO PROJECT launch on QVC, we want you to get to know our chief product extraordinaire. The one who knows all about the scary sciency stuff but can present it in a easy to understand, ‘how did I not know about this...Read More