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QVC's Friday Night Beauty with Jill Franks
Missed the show? Watch it now to see our resident skincare boffin, Dan Isaacs give you skincare knowledge you won't want to miss. Couldn't grab yours?
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After the huge success of our QVC debut back in March, who were we to say no to a second spot on the show. And, boy, did the legendary Dan Isaacs (aka our skincare wizard) nail it! Working in conjunction with the ever glamourous Jill Franks, we sold out of Vit C-30TM in no less than 5 minutes, and Double BlurR in a ridiculous 3!! If you didn’t happen to get your mitts on our star sellers on Friday night, make sure you head on down to our website where we might have a little bit of extra stock waiting for you lovely lot.


Here’s a recap of what went down last Friday…


Let us set the scene. The camera pans in, Jill Franks is chatting to our boy Dan (wearing a very fetching white lab coat and looking all sciency!) about Vit C-30, HERO’s wonder kid. After a quick recap of all the amazing benefits you can get from Vit C-30 (brightening, anti-aging, antioxidant goodness) Dan works his wizardry. He adds a few drops of Vit C-30 to a murky yellow iodide solution. A quick shake later and Bob’s your uncle – the solution turns clear! Cue shocked gasps and pause for effect and Dan explains that this shows the neutralising power of vitamin C, sorting those pollution nasties right out and protecting your skin. Jill knows just how powerful vitamin C can be in your skincare routine; she adds a vitamin C into her collection in the depths of winter to restore her glow, and also in the height of summer to protect her skin from sunshine induced pigmentation. Dan reiterates why our vitamin C is so ridiculously good – it doesn’t go off. We use a type of vitamin C called ethylated L-ascorbic acid, which is tweaked pure vit C, retaining all of the activity but none of the stability issues. Anddddd, then it sold out. And all of us here at HERO jumped for joy.


Next up, our baby, Double Blur. Jill starts us off smiling from ear to ear about how she didn’t know we were going to be on the show, but she has actually been using Double Blur (and loving it) for the last month! She has used a truckload of primers in the past, but she thinks this one is fab, giving that perfection and blur on the skin that she wants. Dan explains the sciency bit; Double Blur has double the blurring power, with polymer beads to fill in lines, wrinkles and pores, while also creating an optical illusion coating over the surface of the skin, confusing the eye so that you look flawless. Jill loves that it doesn’t roll off the skin, and Dan shows a cracking set of before and after photos which make us want to buy at least 10. You can really see a reduction in pores, reduction in the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and the mattifying effect of Double Blur in action. Magic. Dan reiterates how fab this product is for summer – if you crave that natural look but still need a little somethin’-somethin’ to get you through the harsh sunlight, Double Blur is your best friend. Not only that, but with 10% glycerin, Double Blur is actually hydrating your skin, and it even… Oh. It sold out in 3 minutes. We’ll get more stock next time, we promise!


And there you have it. HERO’s second foray into the world of QVC. See you next time.