Big News!!!

Remember our recent entrance into the world of QVC, when skincare wizard Dan Isaacs dished out the goss on HERO’s finest? Well, after our last sell-out show segment last month, they’ve only gone and given us our very own hour-long programme to showcase the very best of HERO. Tune in on 1st September to catch...Read More

QVC; The Roundup

Did you see it? After the huge success of our QVC debut back in March, who were we to say no to a second spot on the show. And, boy, did the legendary Dan Isaacs (aka our skincare wizard) nail it! Working in conjunction with the ever glamourous Jill Franks, we sold out of Vit...Read More

6 Reasons Double Blur Will Blow Your Mind

Double BlurR is our HD ready skin perfector with Dual Diffusion TechnologyTM, specially designed to give you that utterly flawless look, no photoshop necessary. We all have wonderful little imperfections which truly make us, us, however sometimes a little help is all we need to feel confident with or without makeup. Think of Double Blur...Read More

An interview with our skincare wizard

Presenting Daniel Isaacs… You can call him Dan.   In light of THE HERO PROJECT launch on QVC, we want you to get to know our chief product extraordinaire. The one who knows all about the scary sciency stuff but can present it in a easy to understand, ‘how did I not know about this...Read More

5 things you didn’t know about QVC

Have you heard the news?! HERO has teamed up with the beauty big wigs down at QVC to give you, our beloved customers, a chance to learn even more about our brand. Not only will the QVC legend Alison Young be presenting, she will be joined by HERO insider Daniel Isaacs. Aka the guy in...Read More

How Do Facial Oils Nourish Your Skin?

You’ve got your cleanser, your serum, and probably a drawerful of unused, unloved moisturisers. What’s missing? There’s a gaping hole just crying out for the love of a brand spanking new facial oil to fill the oil void from your skincare routine. We know what you might be thinking. ‘You want me to put an...Read More

How To Use Hyaluronic Acid

Let’s get the scary but important science out of the way first. What actually is hyaluronic acid? Push past your innate desire to run as far away from the word ‘acid’ as possible for fear it will strip, harm or turn your skin into a fireball. Think back to chemistry at school and remember that...Read More