Ladies and gentlemen, this is your captain speaking. HERO Airlines would like to welcome you to your flight with us today and make you aware of some of the dangers associated with flying. The high altitudes and lack of air moisture can wreak havoc with your skin. Dehydrating air, lurking germs and that screaming baby behind you can all contribute to sleep deprivation, lack of blood circulation and a serious case of the grumpies. For this reason, we recommend following these 5 steps to perfect plane skin, to ensure you have the most comfortable flight possible. So sit back, secure your seat belts and let us guide you through these life saving on flight beauty tips…


A tall drink of water

Humidity is generally a game changer for your skin. Most air cabins plummet in humidity to about 20%, while your skin is hoping for 40-70%. The thirst is real for your skin as it desperately seeks water. Of course, as boring as it is, drinking water frequently is the biggest factor in you having gorgeous skin as you get off that plane. Pack it full of water throughout the flight and come out looking 10x better than you would have otherwise.


Freeze! Skincare police
We love the cooling sensation of just-refrigerated face creams in the morning, but on a flight this could be a little trickier. Try refrigerating a tube of HyasoftR and stash it in your bag right before you depart for the flight. Not only will our multi-weight hyaluronic acid force some much needed moisture into your quenched skin, but the cooling sensation will soothe even the tiredest of faces. Even adding a little of the cooling gel to your feet and hands can help you feel human again.


No bags allowed

Along the same vein, refrigerate cotton wool pads soaked with UndoTM and pop them in your bag right before you depart for your flight. This is like a supercharged cucumber pad for the eyes. Leave them on for a cooling hit before you get off the plane. Not only will it give you a burst of energy and make the lethargic journey a tiny bit easier, but it will constrict the blood vessels around your eyes. Less red eyes, dark circles and puffy lids – a triple defence against the aggressors on board.


Fake it till you make it
Double BlurR can work its miracles on your tired, dehydrated skin. Pop a little on before landing so you can swish down the plane steps into the heat like a true Kardashian – posed and perfected. Don’t forget to do a regal wave to your adoring fans as you descend, as they are fooled into thinking you slept the whole flight and look 10 years younger than you actually are.


A facial at 40,000 ft

At high altitudes the pressure rises, meaning less blood flow to your skin. This can result in dull, sad looking skin in need of a great big cuddle. Whether you’ve got 2 hours round the corner to Spain, or 15 hours to the other side of the world, you have a little bit of extra me time. So use it wisely, and give your skin some attention. Join our HERO mile high club and bring some of our minis onboard for an inflight facial. Leave the makeup at home and concentrate your efforts on perfecting your skin, so leave a layer of Glow DropsR on throughout the flight, topping up with a layer every hour or so. No only will these fight any pesky free radicals or skin damage, they will form a layer over your skin to stop the insanely low humidity from zapping moisture from your skin.


There you have it. A fail safe formula for that perfect holiday skin, even when the airplane is trying to steal your glow. Now all you have to do is book that Maldives holiday…