It’s beginning to feel a lot like Christmas, and you know what that means. Mince pies are baking in the oven, the tinsel is popping out of the box, Santa Claus is just around the corner and your stress levels are going through the roof. Christmas shopping is often the bane of the winter months, with packed stores, empty shelves, and the difficulties of buying that perfect present for that perfect person weighing on your mind. With a million things to think about this Christmas, kick back and relax with the handy HERO gift guide, for all the little elves in your life…

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The Best Mum In The World

Mums always know what to say, with their wisdom raining down throughout your daily life. Don’t go out without a coat, always take your makeup off at night, make sure to wear SPF everyday. But how many people actually manage to stick to the SPF mantra, especially on the area you show your age most… the hands. Hand Rehab not only contains an SPF of 20 but also includes hyaluronic acid and aloe vera for the ultimate handcare. Dusted with diamonds, this hand cream is ideal for your loved ones, especially a magpie mum looking for sparkle.


The Sister You Never Had

She’s been there through thick and thin, she’s held your hair back after one too many Snowballs, and she’s your Friday night fizz go to. So why not gift her, her own Friday night fizz sesh with Resurfizz, the 4 week enzyme based peel system. Flawless skin will be hers with the golden, extremely giftable kit. Fingers crossed you’ll get lucky and she’ll share with you.


The Actual Sister You Do Have

For your beloved, but infuriating, little sister, Glow Drops is the route to go. The ideal dry oil texture, she’ll never have to steal your bottle again. A shot of vitamin C is all it takes to brighten up her Christmas stocking, and her complexion. For your older sister or a wizened skincare pro, go for Vit C-30. With 30% ethylated L-ascorbic acid this super serum is jam packed full of anti-ageing ingredients to help her stay youthful. And guess what, they’ll never try to steal your bottle again.


The Dreaded In-Laws

Possibly the hardest and most nail biting present you will buy this Christmas is for your boyfriend’s mum. Overstep the mark with the ‘anti-ageing’ products and she’ll think you think she looks old, but playing it safe with chocolate just screams ‘I forgot to get you a real present’. Meet in the middle with a bottle of Night Drops, the most luxurious and dressing table ready of all of our HEROs. As the star of the show, she’ll be so entranced by the rose gold bottle to even worry about the burnt Yorkshire puddings.


The Boy In Your Life

In our experience, a lot of boys are reluctant to develop a proper skincare regime. Which is why easy, quick and flexible skincare products are key to reduce the amount of time they spend in front of the mirror in the morning. Hyasoft is always your best bet here; a lightweight, invisible but extra-hydrating gel to keep their skin silky smooth to the touch. Ideal for gym bags or post shave, this is perfect for the that reluctant man to ease him into the skincare world.


The Girl Who Has Everything

We all know the one, the girl who never needs or wants, is perfect in every way and is an absolute nightmare to buy for. Finally, we have a solution. HERO minis are the ideal gift for those people as they get a little taster of everything, alongside the knowledge that you spent time customising the kit to their tastes. Check out the tiny minis and challenge the recipient not to coo over the diddy bottles, packed full of proven actives for glorious skin. Choose 3 from our selection of 7 miniature HEROs in a gorgeous kit bag to please the girl who has everything.