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Spread your wings with HERO

Ladies and gentlemen, this is your captain speaking. HERO Airlines would like to welcome you to your flight with us today and make you aware of some of the dangers associated with flying. The high altitudes and lack of air moisture can wreak havoc with your skin. Dehydrating air, lurking germs and that screaming baby...Read More

Top Skincare Hacks For Travelling Light

‘Hand luggage only.’ The three little words which strike fear into every skincare obsessive’s  heart. The pallava of trying to fit everything you need to perfect that gorgeous skin of yours into 100 mL bottles is a nightmare we wouldn’t wish upon our worst enemy. But fear not friends, HERO is here to guide you...Read More

Happy Earth Day

  ‘Go shawty, it’s ya Earth day’ is the tune of choice in the office today. HERO is so excited to finally honour our gal mother nature for all her incredible work in bestowing us with the amazing Earth. Everyone is responsible for doing their bit to give back to the Earth. That could be...Read More

An interview with our skincare wizard

Presenting Daniel Isaacs… You can call him Dan.   In light of THE HERO PROJECT launch on QVC, we want you to get to know our chief product extraordinaire. The one who knows all about the scary sciency stuff but can present it in a easy to understand, ‘how did I not know about this...Read More

5 things you didn’t know about QVC

Have you heard the news?! HERO has teamed up with the beauty big wigs down at QVC to give you, our beloved customers, a chance to learn even more about our brand. Not only will the QVC legend Alison Young be presenting, she will be joined by HERO insider Daniel Isaacs. Aka the guy in...Read More

Meet the Characters

This Valentine’s Day, we want you to #OwnYourStatus and celebrate with HEROES that are just like you. From the shamelessly single to the long term lovers, we’ve got one no matter your status.     Meet Glowria Ever had a friend who never seems to have trouble finding a date? That’s Glowria! She is shamelessly...Read More

Beauty On A Mission

Beauty on a Mission? What’s that all about then? Come in closer, friends, and we can tell you all about it. THE HERO PROJECT has been created for fabulous females like you. Like us, we’re sure you’ve trawled the beauty aisles endlessly for those holy grail skincare finds that really work. You’ve probably loved and...Read More

The Pure Beauty Awards 2016

We’ve got some super exciting news to share on this rather gloomy day!   The Pure Beauty Awards – the most prestigious awards in the beauty industry, recognise the best in beauty with the most exciting and state-of-the-art products launched over the past 12 months.   The shortlist for the 2016 Pure Beauty Awards has...Read More
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