Perfect Skin

The Science Behind Winter Skin

As the nights begin to draw in and the early, pitch-black mornings make us snooze our alarm one too many times, little do we know but the changing weather is affecting more than just our Friday night plans. Winter can bring skin suffering to the masses. The colder months are not only filled with Christmas...Read More

#FizzYourWay from drab to dreamy skin

HERO’s newest wonder kid, ResurfizzTM, has been taking the peel world by storm, revolutionising the way we see peels. Not only is Resurfizz pretty much suitable for everyone, and their aunt Sally too, it has a million and one different uses which will give everyone a reason to fall head over heels in love. It’s...Read More

6 Reasons Double Blur Will Blow Your Mind

Double BlurR is our HD ready skin perfector with Dual Diffusion TechnologyTM, specially designed to give you that utterly flawless look, no photoshop necessary. We all have wonderful little imperfections which truly make us, us, however sometimes a little help is all we need to feel confident with or without makeup. Think of Double Blur...Read More

The Low-Down on Stressed Out Skin

For the 21st century women, stress is just a way of life. An annoying email pinging into your inbox at 11pm, a huge traffic jam when you desperately need to get to work, a deadline which you just can’t seem to meet. That rising sense of dread in your stomach and the innate desire to...Read More

Top Skincare Hacks For Travelling Light

‘Hand luggage only.’ The three little words which strike fear into every skincare obsessive’s  heart. The pallava of trying to fit everything you need to perfect that gorgeous skin of yours into 100 mL bottles is a nightmare we wouldn’t wish upon our worst enemy. But fear not friends, HERO is here to guide you...Read More

Your New Year Skin Resolutions

Eating your own body weight in tasty chocs and lazing around like a sloth over the festive period makes everybody reevaluate their lives. Especially when New Year hits and it’s time to make those faddy resolutions which you never take any further than January. Well, listen up as we’ve got a resolution that’s for keeps....Read More

Your New Year’s Eve Beauty Prep

You’re tucking into your second Snickers and January has barely begun. Remember when you vowed to give up chocolate for the New Year? Yep, us too. So, this time around we’ve decided not to fret about setting ourselves unrealistic New Year’s resolutions and focus on prepping for the biggest party night of the year instead....Read More

Just Press Undo

Like the little black dress, the smoky eye look is timeless and sexy; especially with that perfect feline flick (miaow). Whether you’re out and about with friends or off to a fancy gala, it adds that sophisticated drama to your look. But, who actually enjoys taking it all off at the end of the night?...Read More

10 Skincare Myths – True or False?

#1 MYTH: Your skin gets used to the skincare products you use. #2 MYTH: You should take a break from wearing makeup to let skin breathe. #3 MYTH: You can scrub away blackheads. #4 MYTH: Cucumbers help hydrate and renew skin. #5 MYTH: A nice hot shower is a great way to refresh your skin...Read More

Spooky ways skin is affected when you sleep in your makeup

We’re all guilty of sleeping in our makeup once or twice in this lifetime, okay maybe a bit more than that. There’s no shame in admitting it, there’s zero judgment from us. We’ve all been there after an exhausting week at work or a few too many cocktails at happy hour (oops). You just about...Read More
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