‘Hand luggage only.’ The three little words which strike fear into every skincare obsessive’s  heart. The pallava of trying to fit everything you need to perfect that gorgeous skin of yours into 100 mL bottles is a nightmare we wouldn’t wish upon our worst enemy. But fear not friends, HERO is here to guide you through the trauma of cutting down those overflowing skincare draws into an edit so restrained that even your mother will be proud.


Firstly, let’s recap the rules. No liquid containers which hold more than 100 mL, everything squished tightly into a clear plastic bag, which must contain no more than a litre. Rather than crying in grief at having to leave your full sized UndoTM at home, think of it as a little push to streamline your collection, and discover your absolute, holy grail essentials.


Here are our top tips for packing a whole beauty routine into a tiny plastic bag…


Hoard those minis

You know those gift sets that your aunt buys you at christmas which get chucked into a draw, forgotten about, gathering dust. They are your life saver at times like this. HERO even has a handy mix and match gift set where you can buy all your favourites in tiny sizes for travel. Not only are they hand luggage friendly but they are also SO CUTE and come packaged up in a handy little travel pouch. The tiny bottles of your much loved favourites (HyasoftR, Glow DropsR, Double BlurR and Vit C-30TM) will last you for that week in the sun and probably more, and you won’t even have to sacrifice your daily skincare routine.


Only the essentials

Realistically, there are a few essentials which you can conveniently ‘forget’ and just buy new at the airport. Toothpaste, shampoo, conditioner, body wash and sunscreen are all liquids which take up a lot of space, yet can be bought cheaply at the airport. And remember – Duty Free liquids don’t count in your allowance, so go wild.


Get skincare savvy

Considering your options when you’re packing skincare is essential in packing smart. That glorious bottle of Glow Drops sitting on your dresser not only works as a facial oil, but also a body oil to accentuate your tan, a highlighter to blind people with your cheekbones, and even a hair oil to tame any Monica-like frizz as the humidity increases. Hyasoft can double as a moisturiser and a serum, and Hand RehabR can act as both a hand and foot cream, to get your feet sandal ready. Multi-purpose, ladies!


Keep spillage at bay

Pesky changes in air pressure can put your toiletries under extreme strain in the air, and before you know it your favourite sunglasses are doused in a nice sticky solution of face serum. Lovely. To prevent this, clingfilm over the openings of skincare bottles and then screw the lid on super tight. This will prevent any unexpected explosions and leave your bottles intact.


Decant, decant , decant

Pick up some travel bottles and pots of capacity less than 100 mL and get to work decanting your precious skincare into smaller quantities. Got any old contact lens holders lying about? Each one has a volume of around 4 mL, just enough for you to fill with a day or two’s worth of product! Never have contact lens containers been so exciting.


But… what about Undo?!

We feel you, we can’t bare to be without it either. So to stop you going through withdrawal symptoms all week with panda eyes, we have a solution for you. Shake your bottle up, saturate cotton pads in eye makeup remover and package them up in an airtight zip lock bag. This saves a huge amount of space (and liquid) and makes you only take exactly the amount you need!


So there you have it, our top hacks for getting the most out of your holiday skincare allowance. All that’s left to do is get packed and ready to jet off into lands unknown. And don’t forget to send us pictures of your HERO minis enjoying their holidays…#heroesonhols