Dehydrated skin; the bane of the winter months. As we enter February, let’s banish those dry skin blues with our hydration HEROES. We’re ready to whisk you off to Planet Moisturised – where dry skin isn’t allowed.



Our ultimate hydration hero for real results. Multiple weights of water-grabbing hyaluronic acid latch onto little droplets of water to deeply quench and replenish your complexion. For hydration results you can really see, add in Hyasoft pre-moisturiser or even in place of your normal day and night cream to give your skin the drink it so desperately needs.


Glow Drops®

Lock those precious water droplets into your skin tight with Glow Drops, our nourishing emollient oil with a shot of vitamin C. The 98% natural oil blend sinks seamlessly into your skin to leave a dry-touch finish, nourishing and replenishing from within. It’s even loaded with a cute as a button dropper bottle – simply press the button to dispense the perfect amount every time. And with our Last Drop Technology you never have to worry about wasting a single drop.


Hand Rehab®

Often neglected and forgotten, hands are exposed to all manner of nasties on a daily basis. Jam packed with hydrating hyaluronic acid, this SPF 20 cream blocks out the damaging UV rays which can lead to telltale ageing on the hands. Even the addition of undetectable diamond powder gently buffs away dead skin cells, to leave you with hands just as soft as your face.


All of our HEROES are created in our very own HERO superlab, right on site in our London based offices. We do it all; from the very beginning research stages, to intricate formulating, to marketing our products just right. Our customers are at the heart of what we do every step of the way. Cutting edge technology, innovative packaging solutions and customer-led decisions are what makes us tick. Trust HERO with your hydration needs and never leave your skin thirsty again.