All right you got us, we’re guilty. We know we’ve been banging on about our latest Hero – Double Blur and all the dazzling ingredients it has, such as natural glycerin. But once you browse through this list of skin benefits of glycerin you simply won’t blurlieve your eyes. Glycerin also known as glycerol is colourless, odourless and common ingredient in the skincare world for good reason…

1. Don’t be dry

Sometimes your skin just needs a little helping hand for that head-turning look. Glycerin bulks up your skin’s natural barriers so it can stay hydrated all day long. With all this added hydration, your skin appears ravishingly moist and tight, blurring away any dry spots.

2. You big softy, you

Everyone wants that luscious, super soft, silky skin and glycerin is one of the best natural ingredients at providing it. Glycerin can hold more liquid than skin, and therefore leaves skin smooth and hydrated, also helps in smoothing your skin by filling in the microscopic pores.

3. Cleanser and a toner!?

As well as clearing away pesky pieces of dust and dirt from the skin, glycerin can also be used as a toner. When combined with other powerful natural ingredients it helps to nourish and balance your skin. Glycerin is often added to skincare products as it is safe and gentle on oily skin.

4. Wave goodbye to wrinkles

Longing for that wrinkle-free skin? As we get old, passing our disco diva days, our skin becomes less moist resulting in those dreaded wrinkles. No worries, glycerin can help take care of much of that by providing some needed moisture in those target areas.

5. Lighten up

Our 5th skin benefits of glycerin is all this cleaning and nourishing business leaves your skin glowing. By attracting more water, glycerin increases the flow of oxygen which increases the circulation below your skin, ensuring you have a permanent, light up a room, glow.

6. Falling head over heels

Skin benefits from head to toe! That’s right glycerin can even help cover up those painful heel cracks. It can soften and moisturise the skin to get rid of that nasty roughness which can be the Achille’s heel of any night out. Glycerin can also leave your nails sparkling! A dab of glycerin on your nails after removing nail polish can stop them looking all dried up.

7. Say toodles to acne

Glycerin is packed to the rim with antibacterial qualities, so much so it can help cure acne, clear blackheads and heal mouth ulcers! It somehow does all this without being toxic in nature and is neither harsh nor causes any irritation or allergies on oily skin!

8. The only thing hotter than you

We’ve been trying to think of yet another benefit of glycerin, then it dawned on us, sunscreen! Natural, organic glycerin is a smoothing secret agent which pulls in moisture to soften and protect the skin. It can even act as a sunscreen.

That’s our top 8 Skin Benefits of Glycerin! Why not try our quick quiz below, just to make sure you were listening 😉



double blur with natural glycerin