Vitamin C Serum

Introducing Vit C-30!

Drum roll please… we are thrilled to announce the launch of our very dreamy, fabulous and all round brilliant Vit C-30TM Ultra Brightening Serum! Well, because it was only right to give Hyasoft and Glow Drops a new friend, right? So here it is, the third product to THE HERO PROJECT lineup and we couldn’t...Read More

What is Vitamin C?

Summer has officially arrived but it also brings the true dangers of the sun to light when it comes to looking after our skin. We all want that beautiful post-holiday glow, but at what cost? Prevention rather than cure is of course the number one rule in skincare, but we know that accidental burnt bits...Read More

30 things you know in your 30s

Research suggests if you’re going to make major plans and life changing decisions, you’re most likely to do it when you’re 30. Popular culture has often portrayed your 30s as life’s best years. Your thirties are the gift that keeps on giving: you make better choices with your finances and are no longer affected by...Read More